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greg one22

greg one22

30 Heart-Wrenching #NaturalDisasters Photographs. Campo, Colorado fire.

a hillside burns in Lolo National Forest, 30 miles west of Missoula, Montana. August This image can be purchased for use from GettyImages.

This is another aftermath of forest fire. We cause damage on trees, which could hurt us in the long run. It can hurt the lumber industry, which can cause its business to go down.

Blazing Flames Create Stunning Landscapes

devidsketchbook: “FIREWATCH SERIES BY MATS PETERSSON Photographer Mats Petersson - “Firewatch is my latest project. I’m not a nature photographer, per se, but an opportunity came one day for me to.

Late Night Randomness (28 Photos) - Suburban Men - August 13, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Late Night Randomness (28 Photos)

First Place Mark Thiessen National Geographic Magazine "UNDER FIRE" opticoverload/forest-fire

thanks, CO firefighters.

This image shows the brave men and women who fight wildfires and the bravery they bring to the table day in and day out, specifically in this image it is Colorado Firemen.

The Springs Fire, Banks-Garden Valley, Idaho, Boise National Forest, August 13, 2012; burning embers aloft

Never seen flames so intense. The Springs Fire, Banks-Garden Valley, Idaho, Boise National Forest, August burning embers aloft

The fire in Lake Isabella right now

The fire in Lake Isabella right now

The fire happening now in California's Lake Isabella area : pics

"Set it on fire. Let them burn in there." He turned his steed away, ignoring the crying pleas from the villagers. His soldiers, clad in armor that had no reflection of any kind in the dark material, grabbed torches and threw them into the wooden houses and the tree branches. Everything caught the flames, being devoured by the hungry red demons.

I know we don't have a burning forest in the works but I still think this is just beautiful!

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California is one of the largest states in the United States. Everybody loves the climate here. The climate does not favorite helping stop forest fires.

'Fire Devil' Near Alice Springs, Australia, Caught On Film

WATCH: Rare 'Fire Devil' Caught On Film

A tree burns in the ravine along Manzanita Lane near Broken Arrow in Reno. Nevada firefighters are battling a wind-whipped wildfire that has already burned several homes and caused several injuries.