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Scary films have been belittled for their visual assault and are often ignored as low funds B-movies and exploitation films.

Photo gif of Wham!

I wrote this last year about my childhood obsession with all things WHAM!

Knight Rider

The 'Hoff' returns in Knight Rider... but a new hero is in the driving seat

Credit: NBC/NBC via Getty Images Knight Rider – K.T.T: David Hasselhoff played ex-cop-turned-crime-fighter Michael Knight.

Art of Noise but great Damn

Max Headroom was a sarcastic computer-generated character on a sci-fi TV show of the same name. The show aired for 2 seasons, from March 1987 to May Who remembers him?

1980s TV families. Married with Children and Roseanne made me realize there were families like mine.  :)

Gen X memory: TV. Who's the Boss. Different Strokes. The Cosby Show. Married with Children. All my faves they just don't make good family sitcoms like these.

What a guy! Great series!

tv shows- MacGyver .Unlike the previous poster, this WAS one of my favorite shows! Maybe one had to be at least of above average intellect to appreciate his ingenuity.