#polymer clay rainbow swirl earrings - could be used for many other crafts.

Comment faire boucles d'oreilles en pate fimo ?

Use o papelão de um rolo de fita adesiva pra fazer seu bracelete de cerâmica plástica.

F*ck polymer clay. It smells bad, is not environmentally friendly and not very strong. That being said this is a good size for a ceramic bangle form (inside side only).

image transfer to polymer clay  http://savedbylovecreations.com/2011/08/easy-clay-image-transfer.html

I am such a crafty "Jack of all Trades.nevertheless I'm almost never bored. How to transfer images to polymer clay -


I like the idea of cutting through stripes and offsetting the colours - also texturing the back with the thimble is a good idea - Polymer clay colourful leaves - Делаем позитивную брошку "Листик" из полимерной глины / Polymerclay Leaf Brooch Tutorial