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Scott McFarland, "Royal Carriages. #Art #Photography #Horse #LargeFormat

The Photography Of Scott McFarland



Shape series by Tierney Gearon

Shape Series

Tierney Gearon provides us with “Shape Series” of photographs taken for the NY Times Magazine, featuring children and animals in boxes of colored plexiglass

Panther Coffee - on my Miami list

2390 NW Ave, Miami, FL Phone: 305 677 3952 Check them out in this video from Monocle of the Best Cafes.

Scott McFarland | Images | Regen Projects

Scott McFarland, Quality Photo Lab, 1300 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles 2008 Inkjet type print 58 x 107 inches x cm) 59 x 109 x 2 inches x x cm): Framed Ed.

Scott McFarland, Staff Meal, Galatoires, Bourbon Street, New Orleans, 2013

Regen Projects is a contemporary international art gallery located in Los Angeles.

Gestalten | Vistamar by Mario Dotti

Vistamar by Mario Dotti

VISTAMAR, look at seaside and beaches locations with a special interest on pop culture venues and situations: what is sea holiday for the middle class Italians. What do they do and desire for, what are their habits and ambitions when spending…

Mario Dotti- mandalsanat (5)

Mario Dotti

Mario Dotti- mandalsanat (5)

Hollywood Beach Florida, USA  Copyright MloPhoto

Hollywood Beach Florida, USA Copyright MloPhoto

Scott McFarland

Sugar Shack, Caledon, Ontario (Study by Scott McFarland

Terri Weifenbach - Google Search

Terri Weifenbach is the photographer I respect.

Scott McFarland - Nueva Orleans

Scott McFarland - Nueva Orleans

Scott McFarland, Canadian Photographer who assembles images to create a new whole.

All appearances to the contrary, Scott McFarland thinks of the pictures he makes not as photographs but as works of art on paper, and it is worth listening to him on this point.