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Formal Abstraction: “Bricked Castles” and “Handicapped Cars” by...

Any day that shit was going to happen.

1956 Oldsmobile 98 Deluxe Holiday Coupe - Hovercraft (This one must have inspired Back to the Future)

museumuesum: Beni Bischof Castles – Added New Protection V, 2009 Inkjet Print, 128 x 90 cm


Formal Abstraction: “Bricked Castles” and “Handicapped Cars” by.

Flying Citroën Cars by Jacob Munkhammar | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Flying Citroën Cars by Jacob Munkhammar

Swedish artist Jacob Munkhammar transforms old Citroën cars into flying retro-futuristic vehicles. More photo manipulations via Fubiz

flying Citroen

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Vintage Cars Transformed into Hovering Space Vehicles

Frank Kunert, Germany

Frank Kunert: Fotografien kleiner Welten - kwerfeldein – Magazin für Fotografie

Every dumb thing we humans do in this modern-day ‘civilized’ world is laid out in excruciating detail in these miniature scenes by artist Frank Kunert – not to mention our fears and anxieties…

Minoru Nomata, arquitectónico misterio pintor

The Architect of Ruins Returns: I scanned more imaginary buildings by Minoru Nomata for But Does it Float (see my 2011 post there too)


It’s a hover car: Curtiss-Wright Bee, Two Passenger Air-Car, 1959 - Advertising Postcard

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