Heath Ledger.

photography, Hot and black and white image on We Heart It

heath ledger as patrick verona <3

Heath Ledger - Fan club album

Heath Ledger from Ten Things I Hate About You. The first movie I ever saw him in! RIP my love

Heath Ledger.  Miss You

Dear Heath, life here is less cool without you. Your achievements are measured in not only how much I adore the Joker, but in what a wonderful and aspirational actor and person you were. You were deserving of more time in this world.

heath ledger

Heath Ledger A man who left to soon A man who is the sexiest person who ever lived A man we I will forever miss and cherish I will never forget Heath Ledger!

Heath Ledger A Knight's Tale

Heath Ledger A Knight's Tale - this medieval romp featuring teen language and the pounding rock music anthems of the late century is impossible to take seriously, but it was a lot of fun.

Heath Ledger I love!

Heath Ledger on

Heath Ledger- RIP Looks like he didn't want this photo taken. I'm sorry, Heath, we need to see you.

The beautiful Heath Ledger.

Remembering the handsome and talented Heath Ledger, gone five years ago today, with 10 of his most beautiful photos:

Heath Ledger..he was amazing♡

Heath Ledger was a rising star with vast potential . Ledger played the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger by BenWatts. He was so talented. So sad we will never be able to see him grow as an actor and top his best performances in "Brokeback Mountain" or "The Dark Knight" (my personal opinion of his two best roles).

Ralph fiennes

Ralph Fiennes - Loved him in the English Patient. Such a diversed actor and Such beautiful eyes!

matt damon & heath ledger. has there ever been a greater photo.

Matt Damon & Heath Ledger, who is hotter? well matt damon, im not a huge fan of heaths beard