Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas for the Front Yard

Begonia and lantana; structural plants such as ornamental grasses provide a play of color and maintain visual interest during autumn and fall

1 Simple Thing That Makes Your Landscaping Pop

1 Simple Thing that Gets Rid of Dandelions & Weeds for Good. It’s called Bayer Advanced, it kills hundreds of types of weeds without hurting your grass. It’s in a blue bottle, and we just grab it whenever we go to Home Depot.

Purple Fountain Grass, Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum":Purple Fountain Grass, pennisetum:  Bronze-purple foliage topped with graceful arches of burgundy-toned seed heads.  Provides texture and color to the garden and contributes to a tapestry effect.  Will freeze but comes back in spring.  CUT BACK BEFORE NEW SPRING GROWTH. TIE UP DEAD GROWTH TO MAKE CLEAN-UP EASIER, THEN CUT TO 6".

Purple Fountain Grass - drought tolerant grass forms neat clumps of purplish maroon blades. Topped by rose red flower spikes in summer.

I LOVE THIS!!!! perennial for making your garden more interesting

Solar Garden border at Great Dixter, a house in Northiam, East Sussex, England - photo by Jonathan Buckley; Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ with Campanula patula and Erysimum allionii in the Solar garden at Great Dixter

Beautify Your Outdoors with Clematis Climbing Wall.

First Impressions Count – How to Increase Your Curb Appeal

A Yard Full of Color:  Ideas on How to Effectively Use Colorful Plants and Flowers in Your Yard

A Yard Full of Color: Ideas on How to Effectively Use Colorful Plants and Flowers in Your Yard

Variegated Hostas provide a wonderful border and a small but full Japanese Maple completes this corner of the bed beautifully. I lve hostas and some of mine will be moving with us soon.

Foundation Plants

12 Expert Tips for Eye-Catching Front Yard Landscaping

Creative backyard landscaping ideas that include simple and elegant or bold and spectacular centerpieces make your surroundings look interesting and unique

25 Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Gorgeous Centerpieces for Outdoor Living Spaces

Where the Grass is Greener! If you have no need for an open backyard, consider creating grassy pathways that wind around smaller garden beds. This is what really makes the garden look so special. Bridge does not need to be over water

How to get your brown/scraggly lawn into golf course style lawn in 1 season @James Barnes Barnes Barnes Howe

Lawn Care: How to Repair a Lawn

How to get your brown/scraggly lawn into golf course style lawn in 1 season. Crazy awesome article on lawncare! I'm no longer intimidated by when and how much to fertilize and treat the lawn!

Landscaping Ideas- can help you with your landscaping goals and ideas.

Love the idea of a "circle" garden, with the focus centre piece (can be a birdhouse, a statue, mini fountain, etc.

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard Ranch House - Bing Images

Front Yard Landscaping Diy Ideas

Front Entry Flower Bed Unique by Design: Canna (zone Knock-out roses (zone Black & Blue Salvia (zone Gaura (not yet blooming, zone Lambs Ear (zone Purple Heart (zone Daylily and Begonias (zone If you lived in zone would be perfect.

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Shade Garden Design Plans shade gardens Colorful Shade Garden Ideas For Front Yard Shade Plants Are Hard To Remember What They Are When Youre At The Plant Stores This Is Good Info