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previous pinner says:Great design. I love sunburst mirrors (I have three) and vintage clocks. I'm always tempted to buy vintage clocks at flea markets.

DIY {Sunburst} Mirror for less!!!!

DIY Sunburst MIrror From a Candle Holder!

diy sunburst mirror from a candle holder, crafts, home decor, repurposing upcycling, Enjoy your beautiful creation for a fraction of the store costs

How To Make A Starburst Mirror  (Takes 18 packs of shims from Lowe's, 7" mirror, beaded necklace, wood glue, spray paint and something with which to hang it on the wall.)

How to Make a Starburst Mirror

There are so many things you can make a sunburst mirror of. Here is an idea of a homemade sunburst mirror from ordinary wood shims. 18 packs of wood shims

diy sunburst mirror... so fun!  Could I possibly love white any more than I do?  Will it one day get old?

sunburst mirror - using poster board. The creator wanted to make sure that this sunburst did not look like a flower -- I think a flower mirror would be fabulous ! I'd like to find inexpensive yellow poster board to make a sunflower.

mandala de papelão pra enfeite de parede.

Under The Table and Dreaming: Recycled Cereal Box Sunburst Mirror Tutorial

DIY Sunburst mirror from Ten June. It turned out beautifully - until a bit of pressure was applied to the bamboo, & most of them popped off. If it had stayed on the wall permanently (& we'd been a bit more careful) it would have been fine, though.:

DIY Sunburst mirror tutorial from Ten June. This uses bamboo (but could also try bicycle spokes)

Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror | DIY Playbook

Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

I’ve received a few questions about the mirror hanging in our guest bedroom. I want one for my house, where can I buy it? Well, I’m here to tell youKeep Reading