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This is a really cute back-to-school activity: "All About Me Paper Bagpack."

This super-cute backpack craft will make my beginning of the year "backpack" project so much easier! "Bag-pack" and learning activity is a great way to build community with your students! It also helps students develop the criti.

Ms. Third Grade: Back to School Freebie

Third Grade first day of school -(or use as a good icebreaker for adults!) I usually do something similar, but I think I'll do it as a BiNGO board this year. Me: I use something similar with my graders as a BINGO board.

Made It and a Freebie!

All About Me Poster Freebie.have them do at the beginning and end of each school year! I remember my kids doing these same posters when they were in elementary.

Toss and Talk Ball- bringing this to our first Brownie campout:)

toss n talk for all questions or task kids have to complete.must answer the question or complete the task under their right thumb. Would be great for a first slumber party game. Let the girls get to know each other.

Anchor Chart for first day of school

------dream classroom: what kind of classroom do you want? What kind of teacher do you want? What kind of student does your teacher want? Positive way to start out the year

Diagram of a Listener- Good for the first few days of school!

Goldilocks and the Russian Dolls

These are my all time favorite posters for Star of the Week! Great for all ages and kids loves sharing this poster with their classmates. 30 Posters Per Set

Read All About Me: 30 Big Write-and-Read Learning Posters

Precision Series Instant Personal Poster Sets: Read All About Me! : 30 Big, Write-And-Read Learning Posters Ready for Kids to Personalize & Di.

find someone who... First day of school fun

Name________________ Find Someone Who…… wears glasses has blonde hair has two siblings plays soccer likes footbal.