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Steve McCurry :: Afghanistan: A Look Back / Many families left their destroyed villages to live with relatives in other regions of the country, 1980

Magnum Photos "Silent Language of Hands"  New collection of images on Steve McCurry's Blog -->http://bit.ly/WOJmSZ  Photo © Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos Afghanistan

**"Silent Language of Hands" - Afghanistan by Steve McCurry. Dear Heavenly Father - Please be with all the children.

Steve McCurry: "I saw this young boy weeping on the side of the road in a village in a mountainous area of Peru. Some of the other children he was playing with were tormenting him. He had a toy gun in his hand, I walked over to see if I could help, but the child wasn't able to respond because he was so upset. He walked away towards his house."

Children Series

In Alto Churumazu, Yanesha, Peru, a young boy is so upset that other children are teasing and tormenting him that he begins weeping on the side of the road and holds a toy pistol to his head before running off to his home.

Safe at home with him...

"They walked a long way together." by Lee Jeffries. this just melts my heart. Old people are so magnificent.

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Somali women use qasil which comes from a tree as a protection from the sun and a natural beauty product. By Eric Lafforgue

Amazing portrait by Irving Penn

"Freckles" by Irving Penn. Irving Penn was a master portrait and fashion photographer. His work has influenced just about every notable portrait and fashion photographer since his time.

porthole smooches

"The Last Kiss" WWII Departure of the “Amerigo Vespucci”, Egypt, 1963

https://stevemccurry.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/afghn-12092-1.jpg Ghazni

Steve McCurry, “Young girl,” Ghazni, Afghanistan, 1990 (from bigsmallworld by Photo Tractatus)