Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Worksheets

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Worksheet

These anchor charts are part of my Life Cycle of Plants: 20 Activities

These plant anchor charts are part of my best selling spring plant unit Life Cycle of Plants: 20 Activities & Foldable Flower Project Book

Fifth Grade Earth & Space Science Worksheets: How Clouds Form - Do you know how clouds form? Get the basic idea of how moisture in the air cools to become formations like clouds with this diagram that your child can color in to help make the learning stick!

How Clouds Form

History (weeks 14-17) Geography: S. America, Mesoamerica, Africa, S. Asia    Interactive Map of Rainforests and Jungles. Click on the areas and more information will pull up. Real pictures of each area, also.

The dark green areas are where the Rainforests are located - click and information pages with pictures come up

Life Cycle Mega Bundle: Plants, Pumpkins, Butterflies, and Frogs! $

Life Cycles Mega Bundle: Plant, Pumpkin, Butterfly & Frog

I like the idea of doing more than one life cycle project with students. I think there should be a large poster or anchor chart created and placed near the experiment station in the classroom.

A Great  Big Pumpkin video Here's a little video about the life cycle of the pumpkin.  I hope your students will enjoy it.

A little Video about the Pumpkin Life Cycle (A Teacher's Touch)