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Papyrus freaking out over every one of Sans' puns always gets me!


sort of continuation of this: this was inspired by a dumb vine I can't remember how I found it, but it seemed appropriate TNBC/UT - Pun Off

Looking a lil rattled by CaptainClovey on DeviantArt

Undertale sans papyrus undyne frisk>>>that total Steven Universe reference didn't go unnoticed!

undertale, papyrus, sans, Toriel

undertale, papyrus, sans stay for dessert and Toriel gives them a stand up act.

Poor Paps he didn't even want to make that pun

Poor Paps he didn't even want to make that pun - Lol good job Sans xD

Sans, Chara, Undertale

Its because British people drive on the right, and he suddenly switched from left to right. It totally freaked Chara out! The X-Files just added to the mystery of how Sans switched sides.

Undertale Sans and his unstoppable puns

Pfffffttt Hahahahah XD Sans you dirty bastard, literally!Undertale Sans and his unstoppable puns

undertale, sans, temmie

Sans broke a fucking temmie. a fucking temmie. and make it do something like a sans face.