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In the Dog House - Subaru Dog Commercial Subaru Concord Never knew these commercials were from an advertising agency from Minneapolis! Funny and very interesting!

Yes, the Clydesdales are in Budweiser's Super Ad this year. It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without them, right? But it is the puppy that will steal your heart.

Budweiser's 'Lost Dog' Super Bowl Ad Is An Emotional Roller Coaster

Check out the video titled "Stolen Parking Space" from Subaru.

What are these two canine's doing behind the wheel? See 8 Must-See video commercials featuring dogs driving.

U said I could

Both my dogs Maggie and Max!

CREDIT:  Dig Your Dog

There are many national days to celebrate -- National Cookie Day, National Pie Day, and even National Limerick Day -- but it's difficult to see ho.

Golden Retrievers can be such dorks

24 things Golden Retriever owners know to be true - these 2 don't realize that anything is wrong.

High Maintenance (+playlist)

High Maintenance pup with lots of luggage.

Subaru Commercial - Jackknife

Subaru Commercial - Jackknife

Charlie the Golden Retriever

Charlie the Golden Retriever

There's still time! Save yourself!

There's still time! Save yourself!

39 imagens que te darão fé para encarar o mundo em 2015

39 imagens que te darão fé para encarar o mundo em 2015

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Celebrity Golden Retrievers Archives - The Daily Golden

Comfort dogs in Boston... <3 beautiful, there is nothing on earth that can compare to the unconditional love and support of a dog

Comfort Dogs Come To Boston

Never under-estimate the power of furry love! These five golden retriever comfort dogs are spreading the love by helping Bostonians recover after the marathon bombings.

What a cute Golden Retriever puppy!

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

What a cute Golden Retriever puppy! by taren madsen

Subaru Dog Ski Trip

Subaru Dog Ski Trip Video

Check out this Subaru Dogs Ski Trip clip