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i love old people.

Hi there

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haha. When I'm a mom, I'm going to let my child get away with it at least once in their lifetime, bc I remember how amazing that would've been!!

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I totally remember doing this ALL the time!

Because I hate singing for people, unless the radio or whatever is blaring so loud that they can't hear my voice.


sadly the musical gene skipped me.

What I'll usually do if I don't know...

LOL funny fact true true story school i can relate so true teen quotes relatable test funny quotes I do that


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It's called being yourself

This CANNOT explain the full extent of how me and my best friend act(but pretty close)😂😂😂😂😂😂

Not just a teenager problem :P

Haha ikr? Especially when ur in the middle of a conversation

Uggh hate when that happens

My mom is my aparm. But she still manages to scare the crap out of me.

Teenager Post # 982 alarm clock, because every morning should begin with a heart attack!

I seriously thought I was the only one!

But the thing is I was thinking about this in geography on Tuesday 😂 I was so bloody bored!

I can see my sister Laura doing this!


haha like my friend telling me he wants to run into walmart in clothing and yell "what year is it" and when they says run out screaming "IT WORKED!

sometimes it happens when people say someting that jsut happens to be in the right pitch

Stop making these teenager posts! I'm 24 and I've only seen like one to which I can't relate!

but then u have tht awesome feeling when u make them look like a dumbass for believing u

All da time

Teenager Post

Dead ass tho, just trying to put my hair in a pony tail walking around the house holding my hair and I'm just like well fml

Omg yes i relate to this soooooo much bc i had a horrible teacher

Omg yes i relate to this soooooo much bc i had a horrible teacher

Again, senior citizen and teenager in sync.  Jams are fashion statements. j

A plus side to being my friend is that you can totally come to my house in your pajamas and I won't judge you. because I will also be in my pajamas.