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Photoshop Art: Art Director Rik Oostenbroek is quite popular for his abstract graphic illustrations and photo manipulation works.

Open your third eye. Yoga. Tai Chi. Qi gong, Meditation. Mindfulness. Evidence based yoga research. Evidence-based tai chic resarch. Evidence-based qi gong research.

Open your third eye. Evidence based yoga research. Evidence-based qi gong research.

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Mixed Media Artwork by Shanghai, China based artist Hu Yi Wei, aka Waver_h. Waver_h’s likes to create his work from existing photos and then add graphic elements by digitally created. Both are perfectly mixed.

Lou Dahua Chinese Artist ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

Birds and Autumn Lotus A true master of Chinese brushwork, Lou Dahua studied art at the Beijing and Shanghai Universities.

day of the dead art piece

Minjae Lee-This is not my normal style to like but for some reason this pulls me. I love the color contrast with black and white and the emotions in the face lets you imagine a million things.

Color Fusion by Francoise Nielly | Cruzine. site talks about artists style & technique

Inspiration for new works. These are great pieces by Artist Francoise Nielly. Nielly works with oil paint and a knife to create these expressive portraits.

This artwork represents the value of Transcendentalism because they were stressing imagination, they wanted each individual to find "an original relation to the universe" (Emerson). The Transcendentalist also broke from tradition and wanted new ideas, thinkers, and open-minded. This artwork represents the imagination of a little girl and how she has so many creative and new thoughts and ideas ready to express in the world.

Dan elijah g. fajardo is an illustrator from Philippines. More Impressive Illustrations by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo after the jump. For more info on the Dan E