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INFJ- I am polite and gracious if I don't know you, however if I don't care much for you, I will keep conversation to a minimum.

It's not really about care, it's about trust. If I trust you, I'll show you my inner mind—sarcastic and crude as it is.

INFJ - Hobbies

Infj hobbies - the situations I imagine are really good/fun situations.

Well, that is what people tell me. I try to explain this to people when they don't understand my first thought then they get even more confused. Story of my life Yayyay

My superpowers are reading people and surviving sociopaths. How about you?

This is why people think I'm so extroverted. #INFJ

Introvert, Dear on

"Even though they are true introverts, there is little an INFJ values more than quality conversation.

oh very yes

INFJs are typically music lovers who can spend hours searching for lyrics to uplift their loved ones, or match their own multifaceted mindset. It isn’t uncommon for us to have playlists galore, often organized by the moods and mentalities we frequent.

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I do come across as confused. my mind is an entire universe. There is no such thing as entertaining a single thought.

This is a trait of my personality that is very predominant.  I tend to use images to "write" a story or poem. I do this with a lot of my boards :')

INFJ facts: INFJs often "think" by way of images rather than words. Their intuitions often manifest in the form of symbols, images, dreams or patterns.

Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever!!

Most of the time. Until I lose it - sometimes. Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever!