Hydraulics retail store Tasneem Falconer Johannesburg 07 Hydraulics retail store by Tasneem Falconer, Johannesburg South Africa

Best Ideas For Modern House Design : – Picture : – Description River Bank House / Balance Associates Architects

Aesop Rough Trade Nottingham is a minimalist space located in Nottingham, England, designed by Ciguë.

Aesop Emporium is a minimalist house located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Kerstin Thompson Architects. Aesop Emporium luxuriates in the singular use of spotted gum timber.

Horizontal lines ~ the storage spaces/cabinets along the wall are horizontally oriented, carrying your eye across the room.

Interior wall detail showing applications of recycled wood panel.very cool ceiling lighting slot, crack texture, kirigami, paper cut art

bangkok: aesop store opening

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