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Cuban Snail

CUBAN LAND SNAIL (Priotrochatella stellata)©Adrián González Guillén Blaesospira is a genus of land snails with an operculum, terrestrial gastropod mollusks in the family Pomatiidae. This one is beautiful! Other Photos you may enjoy: Green Snail Cuban.

Snail!!  It looks much better in someone else's garden.

Before this image I never thought snails could be pretty

Puzzling. Howard Kurtz leaves WaPo for the fast-paced world of digital journalism and turns in his ex-NPR canned Juan Williams write-up for The Daily Beast ...

Howie Snails on Juan

SNAIL WOMEN One might think that snails are insignificant creatures, but snails have a prominent place in my life and the lives of my gr.

The Rainbow snail, Polymita picta. This animal is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful land snails due to the colors of its shell.

Snail Reflection

We think snails move too slowly, but I wonder if they think we all move too fast. Maybe we'd all do best to be a snail sometimes.

bellasecretgarden: “(via ROMANCE – Сообщество – Google+ | Beautiful ✿ World | Pinterest) ”

bellasecretgarden: “(via ROMANCE – Сообщество – Google+ | Beautiful ✿ World | Pinterest) ”

Равлик ....

CUBAN PAINTED SNAIL Polymita picta ©Adrián González Guillén Polymita picta, common name the “Cuban land snail” or the “painted snail”, is a species of large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family.

So süss

Snails on heart shaped stem

for some reason a lot of these snails were washed up on the beach must have been the weather - winds & currents, i haven't found many of them before they live in the surface layers of sub-tropical and tropical oceans and stay afloat on a raft of bubbles purple sea snails are are darker purple underneath (the top is a greyish-light purple). Photosharing from Omnia's Photostream.

A macro of naturally purple sea snail shells washed up on the beach

Land Snail of Bukit Fraser, Malaysia

Land Snail of Bukit Fraser, Malaysia

Tweets con contenido multimedia de Klαrα (@Sofistikada06) | Twitter

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima


Snail enjoying the Rain or Dew

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how long do snails sleep ? amazing photos and pictures of snails and shells.

Paddling after ceinwen to the mini reef where there where wrasses and tangs and many of these little Bottle brush Christmas tree worms.

Christmas Tree Featherdusters Sabellidae (feather duster worms) are sedentary marine polychaete tube worms

Cuban Polimita!!!!

"Painted Snails, Cuban Land Snails, Polymita picta" - Who started post-modern art, God or man?

Snailing through the air....

Snail by Vyacheslav Mishchenko.