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I'm hilarious.

emilyswash: [image is a screencap from freaks and geeks. sam, neal, and bill are sitting on a sidewalk and it’s captioned “Screw you I’m hilarious.”] icecoldnukacola: this is me and my relationship with everybody ever

I know how you feel Fez. // That 70's Show

Oh Please, I'm a hot looking, smooth-talking, frisky-assed son-of-a-bitch. Oh Fez.

Screw you, I'm hallarious

Screw you guys and watch/read Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Every Disney movie

Such a bummer when you're too old to trick or treat...so I've heard...hehehe!

That awkward age where. it's like we are too young to trick or treat, and too young to die.

Too true. This is what it.probably looked like when.i was trying to explain the hunger games to my brother

Fandoms in real life, yes including the random emotional ups and downs. no matter what fandom it is its special. Whether its for Adventure Time or One Direction.

Pinterest : @uniquenaja†

Topanga has a weird middle name. {This always makes me laugh WAY too hard. "Your first name's Topanga. What's your middle name, Shmaboopie?

that 70's show

That 70’s Show (25 photos)


Funny pictures about Eric from Boy meets world. Oh, and cool pics about Eric from Boy meets world. Also, Eric from Boy meets world.

Because you're not going to NOT repin a photo of Napoleon Dynamite

"Can you bring me my chapstick? "But my lips hurt real bad!Wayne, I hope u make my lips hurt real bad someday.plus, i want to do really bad things with you.really bad.