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blonde dreads

hippie-galaxy: The ocean & a dreadhead. Both beautiful and natural things.

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dreads loctician and dread perve

Who said girls with dreads aren't cute?!?! I know it's bad haha but I really like the idea of dreads :: #dreadstop

I will have these :) partial dread and loose hair with bangs and super blonde!


dreads and bodymods. Ugh I might have to dread my hair if I ever get the chance

Anna April - Dreads

Anna April - Dreads

Ombre dreads

Lovely long blonde dreads with wispy ends. Great pic too with the bokhe ;

.Twisty dreads

Pop Dreadlocks I love these These kind of look like synthetic or waxed because of how tight the ends look and normally I'm not much of a fan but she looks absolutely stunning

Dreads. if I could pull them off...I am so in love with them.  dreads on blonde girls..perfect!

girl dope hippie style boho bohemian long hair gauges stretched ears dreads body modification dreadlocks girls with dreads beads skin deep dreadhead hippie girl gauged ears hippie life dreadlife beaded dreads beauty,Drea

Kinda think I wanna go back to this length

love the ponytail dread I wish!

been thinking about getting dreads lately, well actually its been awhile that I have wanted them but I think I finally can do it and feel good about it!!

Bought Aidan a "Penny Board" last xmas- just like the one above but of course in blue. Its a fast board- no joke