Dont know what i would do without them

Thanks to Dance. Here at SDA we have our own families AND the love of our dance families

Yeah happens all the time

I have so many 'thanks to dance quotes' But whenever I see one I think, That is sooo me!

Yeah...just noooo

Little Dance Things When non-dancers think they can tap by stomping their feet around.Insert eye roll the most annoying thing on the dance planet! Oh my gosh so annoying !

thanks to dance

i remeber in french class i was going back to my desk and a guy dropped his pencil i used perfect posture and i grand plied to pick it up , he looked at me like i feel outta the sky, and then I just smiled like "he"

Thanks to Dance... so totally me!

Thanks to Dance. so totally me i hate wearing my hair down and I always wear high and tight ponytails or buns