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LCWL-Literally Crying While More Joe Biden Obama Memes That Will Have You Crying Laughing LCWL-Literally Crying While Laughing Warning!

26 Hilarious Conversations Obama And Biden Definitely Had In 2016

26 Hilarious Conversations Obama And Biden Definitely Had This Year

Barack Obama and Joe Biden had a true frendship which was captured by many pictures, some of them funny. At some point the internet started captioning those funny pictures and the Biden-Obama Meme was BORN.


Joe: I'll take Barrack home with me Michelle: He's my husband Joe Joe: Ok, but he's mine on weekends Michelle: Joe - GAG

Some of the best Joe Biden jokes making the rounds.

46 ways Biden, Obama might be coping with Trump's win

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I'm really gonna miss them

I'm really gonna miss them<<--me too<<-- tbh everyone but the fucking racist people who love guns and bigotry and don't care about equality will miss the obamas and biden

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These Conversations Between Obama And Biden Are Simply Genius