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An adorable little baby Pangolin hanging onto its mother's tail http://ift.tt/2lDmBFV

Chinese pangolin Manis pentadactyla Two-week-old baby clinging to mother. Mother was rescued from poachers and is now part of captive breeding program at Taipei Zoo.

Despite their scaley appearance, pangolins are mammals, not reptiles. They are found naturally in tropical regions throughout Africa and Asia. The name, pangolin, comes from the Malay word, pengguling, meaning "something that rolls up". uncredited photo

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Pangolin (also referred to as a scaly anteater or trenggiling) is a mammal of the order Pholidota. A number of extinct species are known. A pangolin has large keratin scales covering its skin, and is the only known mammal with this adaptation.

Pangolin baby riding on mama's tail : pics

A baby pangolin is born quite helpless, other than the ability to suckle and cling. Until the baby is big enough to travel on its on, a mother pangolin will tote it around on her tail.

Pangolin on head photograph by Adrian Steirn

The plight of the pangolin

Zimbabwe - The Pangolin Men. I've loved pangolins since I was a kid and I did a report on them. It really warms my heart and gives me hope to read about these incredible people protecting these incredible animals.

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For members of the middle class, consuming black-market pangolins is now considered a sign of wealth and status

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The pangolin holds one of the most undesirable titles imaginable: that of the world's most trafficked animal. The scaly anteater's body parts are sold in.

Long-tailed pangolin, Manis tetradactyla, Congo (DRC)

Long-tailed Pangolin (Manis tetradactyla) Also known as the black-bellied pangolin or ipi, the long-tailed pangolin is a species of tree-pangolin native to the rain forests of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Between 1st and 10th September more than 10,000 participants gathered in Honolulu, Hawai’i for the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 – Planet at the Crossroads. Among the array of conservationists, researchers, practioners and academics present, were a small number of IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist (PangolinSG) members. Each of us was there to champion the conservation of pangolins and although we were few in number, we worked hard to grab people’s attention and interest in pangolins at…

Celebrating World Pangolin Day and five years of the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group

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A two-week-old baby pangolin clings to mum's tail at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. The tiny Chinese pangolin, which has large scales covering most of its body, was rescued from poachers and is now looked after by zoo staff. by Suzi Eszterhas

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