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Napoca by wolfbeast

Napoca by ~wolfbeast

Werewolf Art

Prize for for the last contest. It's his werewolf character, and my instructions were for him to be beating up a vampire or something, and for him to look badass. I went for a really garish, old pu.

messing around with the lighting in my zbrush werewolf gave him a totally different look. Still learning all the rendering options and just messing around. Copyright dypsomaniart 2015

Werewolf - Bio Syndrome by Serathus on deviantART

Moon, Wolf Knight, Halloween, Black Dogs, Werewolf, Moon Moon, The Moon, La Luna, Halloween Labels

My novel, PAIN KILLER..Voraz Capio can shift into a vicious Dakorran wolf, when taking out creeps

My novel, PAIN KILLER.Voraz Capio can shift into a vicious Dakorran wolf, when taking out creeps

The Werewolf: A creature who turns from human to wolf based on the cycle of the moon

Path of Fury by morgongoth lycan werewolf fantasy art


Werewolf by dankelby

by Gore Shiring

Werewolf Attack by Gore Shiring

Wild Hunt, Wallpaper For, Wallpapers, Iphone, Werewolves, Wall Papers, Tapestries, Backgrounds, Wall Decal

Werewolves of London by kmjoen

The pack has come to feed. Werewolves of London

ShadowFang||male||strong,cruel,cunning|| follower of cyclone|| friends with sark||power is when he bites poison goes into your body||brother to WhiteShadow

The Hills Have Eyes by WolfRoad on deviantART, werewolves, wolf, wolves

Werewolf by Raven Morgoth ravenmorgoth]