8 Excelente Fotografía!

Photograph Penguin Paparazzi by David C. Schultz on Emperor penguins checking out my gear

Eine Pinguin-Frau sucht Schutz hinter dem Rücken ihres Mannes, der mit…

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Sparkly Gold

Snuggling penguins Photo by Max Seigal (Boulder, CO); South Georgia Island and the Sandwich Islands. Seeing these beautiful Penguins, makes me so happy!

Sunrise Stroll on South Georgia Is. by David C. Schultz

"Sunrise Stroll on South Georgia Island." by David C.King Penguin walking on the beach at Fortuna Bay on South Georgia Island.

Galápagos penguin

Galápagos penguin

Cute family // Família de Pinguins <3

Funny pictures about A perfect family picture. Oh, and cool pics about A perfect family picture. Also, A perfect family picture.