Puzzle Planetbox Lunch -- Great Back To School Lunch Ideas.

Simple cute puzzle lunch in a Planetbox Rover. We had a really great Independence Day. We spent some time at the beach and went to a local playground where the kids played till dark.

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Easy Lunchbox Ideas for the Family

Must try to make the apple & worm sandwich! { School Lunch } For this Planetbox lunch there is an almond butter sandwich, alphabet cookies, fresh blueberries, oranges, cheese cracker a.

Preschooler Spiderman Planetbox Lunch. I like this with the meatballs, watermelon, cucumbers, maybe peppers instead of tomatoes.

Preschooler Spiderman Planetbox Lunch

"I initially added icing eyes on top of the cucumbers." Preschooler Spiderman Lunch for Smith

To The Moon and Back: Getting Ready for Back to School-Lunches (planet box lunch bento)

So I might just have to fork out the bucks for these awesome lunch boxes for the kids. No more zip lock bags and I can have so much fun wit.

10 Plastic-Free Lunch Boxes

10 Plastic-Free Lunch Boxes

an oatmeal apple muffin, baked in a bee silicone cup  yogurt with yellow sugar sprinkles & chocoladehagel mozzarella string cheese pieces topped with Scrabble Cheez-its raspberries & green grapes baby carrots & blanched broccoli (she prefers it to completely raw) yogurt-covered raisins

yogurt, muffin, broccoli and carrots, raspberries and grapes, string cheese and cheezits