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tumbling blocks antique quilt -- I want to find a crochet pattern for a diamond to make this in yarn

Antique Quilt: Tumbling Blocks

View this item and discover similar quilts for sale at - Graphic arrangement of diamond-shaped calicos and shirting materials of the period. A striking example of a classic quilt pattern.

Adirondack Museum - Common Threads

Tumbling blocks quilt, circa This quiltmaker included plaid fabrics, and varied the the light/medium/dark shading throughout the quilt. This adds visual interest as the eye wanders from place to place to resolve the pattern and figure out which way is up:

yellow blocks quilt - Bing images

yellow blocks quilt - Bing images

Antique Baby Blocks quilt. You can cut pieces for  something similar with Template Set G or H or the Hexagon Ruler. There is also a Tumbling Blocks quilt in the book "Six is for Hexagons".

Antique Baby Blocks at From Marti featuring Quilting with The Perfect Patchwork System

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