Liberals have a long history of showing disdain for the Boy Scouts recently calling them the Hitler Youth when Trump spoke at their jamboree. Political Cartoon by A.

Yes, this is what stupid looks like. This is what "really, really stupid" looks like. Leftover hippie.

This right here is what a moronic idiotic bleeding heart looks like! The STUPIDITY is deep in this one!

This is False: see explanation here -> I'm not saying she's an ethical person (email server scandal), she's just not guilty of this one.

Hillary Clinton was actually fired from the Watergate Committee for FRAUD and ETHICS violations! That was just ONE time she got Caught! She has no morals.

NLP vooronderstelling: De kaart is niet het gebied. Er is meer informatie dan je in 1e instantie ervaart.

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Facebook Thursday …. Plus! | Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Facebook Thursday …. Plus!

Obama is a worthless person and our goverment was never more corrupt than under him

What's new??

CNN’s anti-Israel bias perfectly illustrated in this BRILLIANT cartoon…

X or Y, girl or guy.

This is one of the most blatantly ignorant, mind numbingly stupid, anti science signs I have ever seen. Bitch just went full retard.

Love it~ conundrum indeed. (But of course the lesbian would not try to sue the Muslim for fear of getting her head chopped off.)

a liberal conundrum - if a Muslim barber refuses on religious grounds to cut the hair of a lesbian, whose side does a liberal take?


TOTUS: Conservative Political Commentary: Obama's Youth Voters: The Lamest Generation!


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