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Paul Laviolette‎ / Old Logging Pictures  near Courtenay, BC Canada ·     Wouldn't this guy look good in hard hat and calk boots !

Is there anything wrong with me because I'm battling to find a job. It's NOT that I can't keep a Job. NO, It's more that I CAN'T find a JOB!

Woman addicted to plastic surgery injected cooking oil into her face (Before  After)

Woman injects cooking oil into her face because she can't afford plastic surgery. WTF is wrong with people?

Wow!  It looks like he's wearing a suit and tie to look professional!

New World Record: The Man With The Most Piercings

Guinness Book Of World Records- Man with the most piercings. I feel like this could be worse?

Girlfriends And Jobs Are Totally Overated

Girlfriends And Jobs Are Totally Overated

Spider on Face America's Worst Tattoos Bad Tattoos Ugliest Regrettable Stupid Funny Terrible WTF

Famosos que se hicieron cirugía plástica y quedaron HORROROSOS (Fotos) - http://www.leanoticias.com/2011/12/22/cirugas-plsticas-de-famosos-cuando-la-gracia-se-vuelve-morisqueta-fotos-o-o/

When Plastic Surgery Turns Bad

Definitely WTF!?

Maria Jose Cristerna, known as the “Vampire Woman” because of her extreme body modifications, including hundreds of tattoos, skin implants, and permanent fangs

"A job should lift workers out of poverty, not keep them in it" - @SenSanders #FightFor15 #BernieSandersForPresident

Richard Angwin on

Historic: Bernie Sanders Files Sweeping Labor Bill Eliminating 'Right-To-Work' Laws

The rift between Obama and his generals on ISIS. It looks like there's growing daylight between the military brass and the White House on deploying combat troops to Iraq. A look back at the Afghanistan war shows why that's a huge deal.

The rift between Obama and his generals on ISIS

Only 39 percent of registered New York voters surveyed in a Marist College poll said Obama is doing an "excellent" or "good" job, the lowest level for Obama in the poll since the beginning of his presidency.

After graduating from some of the most prestigious law schools in the country, many from the class of 2012 are struggling to find jobs—and for those who graduate from less prestigious schools, it's even worse.

theatlantic: “ The Jobs Crisis at Our Best Law Schools Is Much, Much Worse Than You Think “ Could this just be a sign the U. News rankings are way off and don’t really reflect the job market?

Bernie Sanders Receives Two More Major Endorsements

Bernie Sanders Receives Two More Major Endorsements - NationofChange