These Disney box lunch ideas are easier than you think, and your kids will flip!

bento   bento   bento

Frosty the Snowman lunch, 2 circular ham and cheese sandwiches with a circle of mozza on top. Fruit leather, icing eyes, carrot and food safe markers decorate our snowman. Also a container of carrot noses and a container of pretzel arms.

I am OBSESSED with bento box lunches. Doubt I'd ever make one, but they're still VERY  cool.

20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes

Here's how to make an easy tiger bento lunch box using a rice ball, meatballs and veggies


Skull and crossbones bento - 20 Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids I Bento Box Healthy Lunches for Kids - ParentMap

Bento Box - Baked goods, orange segments, fun pasta shapes sauteed with butter, parm cheese, peas.