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if only...

So true. there is still a set of car keys missing in this house.

Probably not... they don't need to imitate is because their own accents are way cooler than ours

15 Things Brits Don't Get About Americans

I Wonder If British People Sit Around Trying To Talk In An American Accent - You Mean American People Try Talking With A British Accent?

Lmao women dangerous period Ecard  humor  funny  laugh

Especially infertile friends!

please don't see me...

Every damn time I go to the grocery store.

This is so sad ... because I always have about 8-12 tabs open on my browser at a time and like 4 word documents open of different to do lists. Haha.

the female mind

On the first day of school after spring break, it's pretty easy to spot who went on vacation.

I'm naturally tan

There's always at least one.

pick up on the sarcasm, funny quotes

Unfortunately, that's about what I've been doing lately!

While I've been recovering from the flu, Diddly Squats have been a part of my daily exercise routine!

Go back to sleep

idk how the early birds do it

Religion is like a penis

Free and Funny News Ecard: Religion is like a penis, it's fine to have one and be proud of it, but when you take it out and wave it in my face, that's when we have a problem.

i promise, as your bff, if some ugly guy tries to pick you up, im always here to pretend to be your lesbian girlfriend.

Funny Meme Picture : Jeremy's House of Funny

No, bitch, it's not. I'm sorry that we can't carry both Pepsi AND coke products. Maybe I should just give you what we have and laugh on the inside when you can't tell the difference. If you've never been a server, shut the hell up.

{'I'd like a Diet Coke please.' 'Is Diet Pepsi okay?' 'Is Monoply money okay?'} My feelings exactly

Funny Friendship Ecard: I just rescued some wine. It was trapped in a bottle. I saved the day!  <3 @Alexis Southward

Save the day, rescue wine

Oreo Truffle Balls -- Simple to make: 18 oz package Oreo cookies, crushed  8 oz cream cheese, at room temperature  24 oz white almond bark  Colored sprinkles if desired

this one made me giggle the evil giggle

OMG- hysterical @Angie Miller - my advise to the boys and IN PARTICULAR Addy!

OMG- hysterical Wimberly Wimberly Wimberly Wimberly Wimberly Wimberly Miller - my advise to the boys and IN PARTICULAR Addy!

obviously a witch

I can fold a fitted sheet !