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Baby's beanie and hospital bracelet inside a clear Christmas ornament - LOVE THIS! I would paint/write weight, length, time, birthdate details on outside.

diy Christmas ornament for baby: place baby's beanie and hospital bracelet inside a large glass ornament (can be purchased at a craft store such as Michael's), hang on tree

kerstbal zwanger

Zwanger met kerst? Vertel het origineel

Gender Reveal idea Gender Reveal Photo Christmas Ornament by ThisNThatbyAli It's a boy It's a girl. For your Announcement after the baby is born.

diy home sweet home: What to do with those baby clothes that you just can't part with?

What to do with those baby clothes that you just can't part with?

Saved my favorite baby clothes for just this.The baby outfits you can't part with and are put away into tubs made into a quilt. What an adorable thing for Mommy, and a great memory to share with each child when they're older!

Know the Sex of Your Baby at the FIRST Ultrasound!  Placenta on right = boy (97.2% of time) Placenta on left = girl (97.5% of time)

Know the Sex of Your Baby at the FIRST Ultrasound!

Know the Sex of Baby at Ultrasound! Location of placenta boys had placenta on right side of uterus at 6 week ultrasound. of girls was on left. Method considered "highly reliable" in determining gender within first few weeks of pregnancy.

Such a great idea! Their toys dont float away, they have more of a grip then they would with just the slick tub and can pull themselves up easier.

Use a laundry basket in the bath tub for the baby. It keeps the baby and the toys in a small space. The baby is less likely to slip under the water or hit head on the hard side. After bath just lift and all the toys are in the basket!

SWEET NURSERY IDEAS - shadowbox w shoes grown out of w age, this will change as child grows & you add more shoes

as Growth Chart: Record how quickly your child has grown by lining up shoes in a shadow box and labeling them with the appropriate ages. I'm a sucker for baby shoes! Could use the other shoe(s) & make another shadowbox for grandma :)

25 Rock Star Ways to Fill a Glass Ornament (my favorite is #2!) | How Does She

25 Rock Star Ways to Fill a Glass Ornament (my favorite is #2

personal baby's christmas ornament: large clear ornament, baby's hat from hospital, baby's/mom's/dad's id bracelets, name bead bracelet (optional). more meaningful cause these items were actually worn/used, vs. a store bought baby's ornament.

DIY : une boîte de naissance « Le jour où tu es né »

DIY Memory Box - The day you were born box; your wedding day box; your anniversary box;

cute baby shadow box                                                       …

Shadow box with babies going home outfit - January 2010 Birth Club - BabyCenter

Whether you are frugal, green, or just want the best for your kiddos, these baby wipes are amazing!!! Use as diaper wipes or for sticky hands and faces.

Cut a paper towel roll in half so you have two short rolls. Set one roll inside the canister. Set the other half aside for next time. Combine and stir together: 1 cup hot tap water 2 Tablespoon baby shampoo 2 Tablespoon baby oil -Pull out center roll

Baby's first ornament

Baby girl's first Christmas ornament- hospital bracelets and knitted cap. threw L's hospital hat out. but I still have our bracelets!

will be making these :)

Baby's hospital bracelet and hat in ornament. I have held onto all of my kids bracelets, but never thought to do an ornament! ~I really like this idea. I saved all of our bracelets from the hospital when Ethan was born :)~

Put $10 a month in a photo album through your kids years, then give to them when they graduate = close to $2000

idea: buy a photo album when you're child/grandchild is born and put money each slot every month. when they graduate (high school or college), give them the photo album as a gift