INFJ - this doesn't completely fit me, as I can't cover up ANYthing! But the other parts are true... So many emotions at once!

INFJ - except for with the people we are closest; those are the people who with a single look, can pull our true emotions right to the surface. Unable to hide from them, we burst into tears with just one look

love hate texts, i don't have to talk to people, but I don't know if there is something they are hiding

OMG So damn true. Causes way too much (needless) anxiety. Wish I could figure out how to turn this off but it's so intrinsic.

Sometimes it feels just like this. I cant even be mad at someone bc I'm too busy empathizing with them. #infjproblems

This is an accurate description of what it feels like to absorb everyones' emotions.

I wish I didn't pick up on anything. Most days I just wish I was the clueless fool that I once was.....sometimes it's hard seeing things in a way that nobody else sees it....trying to adjust to this new way of life, this is just the way i more tuning it out....those days are now long gone.....

I pick up on the smallest things you do and figure out what kind of a person you…

INFJ's are Sensitive Souls...

INFJ's are Sensitive Souls with Good Will Who Tense Up When Misunderstood Or Misjudged, So true website 16 personalities .

INFJ & betrayal -Me

INFJ betrayal is like a person committing suicide & putting themselves & others mindlessly at risk.

INFJ the Protector  |  Decorating for  your Personality  |  Crazy I already do all of this

INFJ Decorating for the Protector

I wouldn't call it a strong interest more like I get bored of being on my own after a while. #INFJ

While INFJs are introverted, they often appear extroverted due to their strong interest in people & society.

So true! Sparing all but the closest of my friends and family from all but the most mundane of the dichotomy of my thoughts and feelings is my way of loving them. | INFJ.

There is no such thing as "full access" into an INFJ's mind. You're either deemed not worthy enough or we love you too much to expose you to something so chaotic.

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If I saw it coming then I'm guilty by association. Therefore it's my fault. It is always my fault. Sometimes I don't even need to see it coming in order for me to feel guilty and like it's my fault.

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infj as a parent More Yes, I would probably be a little intense with my children