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Unless you are willing to have a forever dog, dont get one. My forever dog is snoring in my bed right now :)

Never make a promise to an animal & break it, they're like babies, they won't understand

as mad as i get at sammi, i do believe this.too many people get rid of their puppies when they become dogs.

german shepherd

German Shepherds are well obeyed animals that make excellent companionshiop. Check out some different images of the breed.

German shepherd

In loving memory of my German Shepard Peaches

@ When you're sick, ...////   Compassion, humanity and empathy  J.R-English

Awww Sweet German Shepherd ❤ We miss Zack .rescued him from a breeder that was going to KILL him because he was the wrong color - LIVER - which is a red german shepard and not considered a registered breed. Loved him and he loved us.


Your Dog

Only Dog Owners Would Understand These Funny Photos

Our male GSD does the same thing! Total lap dog and he doesn't even realize he's squishing us!

I miss my Delilah.

I know I'm just a Dog!

Don't worry doggie ... I loved you from the first moment I saw you & will love you & care for you until you take your last breath.  My love for you is forever ...

When I am old and grey.Oh how I love those grey faces :) Old dogs are the best

i am attempting to balance being both family-friendly yet wildly troubling toward bad people...

cant wait to get a german shepherd dog

There are many dogs in danger of being euthanized today, 20 some in one shelter and 37 in another shelter.  This is just two shelter; seed the great need to rescue/adopt/foster through a rescue.  Share and Care!  Their lives depend on it.

Please adopt a shelter dog! No kill Shelters!

What do you mean I'm not a people?

aww that's my baby, and he still thinks he is a people!

haha Pure Bred are at Shelters too!

You save TWO animals when you choose to adopt, the one you're adopting, and the room you're making at the shelter for another pet!


Dog Shaming - No Nice Things. Story of my life but they're totally worth it.

pictures of animals with captions | Funny Animals: Funny Cute Animals with Captions

Drunk Giraffe fight - Swing and a miss

pictures of animals with captions | Funny Animals: Funny Cute Animals with Captions

couldn't have said it better

There is no such thing as a bad dog. Only a bad owner. pitbulls are only as mean as you make them