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Or WebMD. Come on, people, you're not the doctor here! (Oh, how I wanted to say this last night in the NICU!) Tongue still sore from biting it.

Dear Over Involved Family Member, Just because you read it on Wikipedia doesn't mean it's true!

A lot worse

I'm just a student, but I know I've seen worse. Yet even worse will come.

Confessions of a Nurse. I'm T-6months until my first clinical and it's already begun.

Most of the time I don't mind too much:). I try to remember that sometimes I call my nurse friends and ask them questions I already know the answer to just because when it comes to your own kids or yourself you become instantly stupid.

Radiology humor

Not a rad tech but this is so hysterical and so freaking true for many of us in the medical field Radiology humor


I believe that call lights should be set up like PCAs. Hit it once, then you're locked out for a predetermined length of time. There could be order sets for the docs, based on the patient's history of call light abuse.

Nursing school starts AFTER years of pre-reqs and foundation courses. It is a special level of difficult and only the strong survive. A freshman taking biology is not in nursing school.

Nursing Quotes

I selected this quote because sadly it's true! Pin and share this with your fellow nursing students if it's true!

Amen... You're a nurse, you are not too good for any job there is to be done!!!

I just came up with this quote, and made it into a graphic, enjoy! "Be the type of nurse you want to work with" - Brian Short RN

Too true!

I would change it to "people who act stupidly.every job, every interaction with other is a big opportunity to practice patience.

Hospital Humor

My first time I cut my finger on the glass and bled on my scrubs and tried to hide it from my instructor.

Hey, you wanna hear something gross?!

Everyone needs a friend they can call and say, "Hey, you wanna hear something gross?" I think nursing school has given me too many of these friends

Save one life you're a hero. Save a hundred you're a nurse

Save one life you’re a hero. Save a hundred lives and you’re a nurse.

June 2014, I was almost allowed to die of post surgery complications because I have chronic pain. The "medical professionals" assumed I was just "too sensitive" "had no pain tolerance" or "was having withdrawals". They said this to my face and let me suffer for 3 days before they even looked for the problem. Had massive infection by then. If you assume all your patients are drug addicts, you should be fired and lose your license. I, for one, will report any incidence of this prejudice I see.

Our Flawed Approach To Chronic Pain