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@Melissa Squires Romriell Horrocks next book art project :)

Book Arts - Mysterious Paper Sculptures Left in Edinburgh Libraries - Central Station Blog Post - Paperblog

One of the Mysterious Paper Sculptures left as an anonymous gift at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Many were left at libraries throughout the city.

incredible paper sculptures by Stephen Doyle

This is called Hypertext Book Sculpture created by Stephen Doyle . This book art was up for auction but I think it's already sol.

paper art book | Domestic Tranquility" - Altered book

Artist Books "Domestic Tranquility" - Altered Book with paper sculpture, illustrating Bible verse Matthew


Su Blackwell book sculpture by diamdom.

altered book

Artist: Rachael Ashe "Altered Book: Without the Heart, There Can be no Understanding Between the Hand and the Mind" B*

built of books by frank halmans

built of books by frank halmans

Book-Built House Decor - Artist Frank Halmans Turns Literary Classics into Houses with Windows (GALLERY) . book end ideas for floating shelves

Instead of dusting off the book, let the book do the dusting.

Britannaca book broom, book art - made by Robert The

Book Sculptures...by Edinburgh's secret sculptor.

Scotland's secret book sculptures - in pictures

Paper Sculptures “From within a book” Amazing book sculptures created by Emma Taylor. She carefully chooses each book she turns into a piece of art. With her careful hand, she brings out the story literally in the form of cut out pages of the book.

By Emma Taylor Unknown Blackwell More Here

Nicole Morello

Accordion with varying page heights & cut-outs.

Book Week Scotland 2012, Book Sculptures by Scottish Book Trust.

Beyond the Headlines – The Best Untold Book Stories of 2012

Peter Pan Book Art by anonymous Edinburgh Book Sculptor.-as beautiful as book sculptures are they make me cringe to think of the damaged book.

one of a series of magical, mysterious and anonymous offerings in support of libraries...and books

A sculpture with beauty and elegance crafted in. It was found at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with the tag, reading “To ‘A gift’ This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas… & festivals.

Artista Recorda Clássicos Da Literatura Com Esculturas Incríveis - Chiado Magazine | Arte, Cultura e Lazer...

Altered book art by Tomoko Takeda. How can anyone object to a book (probably no longer read because of condition or content) being altered to create this beauty?

Oona Patterson.

Altered book art by Oona Patterson

OMG this is amazing...how do they do it?  Dishfunctional Designs: Bookish: Upcycled & Repurposed Books and Pages

Bookish: Upcycled & Repurposed Books and Pages

pandora by sublackwell

çizgili masallar: The Fairytale Princess by Su Blackwell

Book paper magic by Su Blackwell