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"Snowball" Votive Candle Holders...so easy to make and adorable :)

Easy Holiday Decorations - Snowball Votive Candle Holders - Click Pic for 18 Christmas Candle Ideas

We could do this on huge excercise balls and put them  the ground at the entrance up lit. Perhaps Somehow hang them? And smaller ones in the bathroom hanging from the ceiling.

DIY_Faux_Snow_Balls from Factory Direct Craft using Styrofoam balls, Mod-Podge & Epsom salts. If using in protected outdoor area, it is suggested to use "Hard Coat Modge Podge" from the Factory Direct Website.

how beautiful and EASY to make!!

Frosty Lights - Want to create a tabletop winter wonderland? Add snowflake stickers to clear glass votives and sprinkle them along your tablescape. Glue snowflake sequins to recycled glasses/small jars for the same effect.

Realistic Faux Snowballs for your Home & Holiday Decor, Best Faux (Fake) Snowballs

Best Faux (Fake) Snowballs

DIY Faux Snowballs - Snowballs for holiday decor? We needed some faux snowballs so we looked up some ideas online. They looked complicated or too messy.

Simple Snow & Garland Trees

Simple Snow Garland Trees, DIY Christmas decor, Super easy crafts, make snow covered and garland covered styrofoam trees for the holidays.

Learn how to make DIY Sparkle Snow that will amaze the kids and give them hours of holiday fun.

DIY Sparkle Snow

Christmas in the summer anybody? DIY Sparkle Snow - This quick and easy recipe makes the lighest, fluffiest sparkle snow. It easily compacts to make snowballs and snowmen!

DIY Make a Bucket of Snowballs  How to make a bucket of snowballs with Styrofoam balls and quilt batting

DIY Make a Bucket of Snowballs

How to make a bucket of snowballs. with Styrofoam balls and quilt batting. Quilt or Craft Batting.