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Funny Pictures Of The Week (85 Pics)

Catholic School PM Reincarnated Interpretation: Oh this brings back so many memories! It was our girls that were the devil worshiping drunk sluts who went to jail within the first 2 months of high school for underage drinking too!

Just some nuns shooting hoops.

James Hetfield

hetfield from my favorite band-metallica

I'm going to hell for sure for laughing.

sister prayer new high score funny meme

...and then one nun said to the other:

I must confess that if I were a Nun, this is what I would say. Probably why I am not a Nun.

When I used to want to open a little lunch deli, I wanted bar stools like this.  And a whole maniquin (or however you spell that) to hold a basket of muffins... and be The Muffin Maiden.

This cracks me up! Nuns on mannequin legs (bar stools). What fun!


The Brementown Musicians! My mom used to read me this story.

catholic meeting

Catholic Meeting Today: Five minutes in, Colin suddenly realized he had misread the sign. Catholic versus cat-holic: Why punctuation matters.

funny nuns

funny nuns

A little Catholic humor.. Omg horrible but really funny. I kinda feel really bad for laughing at this so hard

Reminds me of Catholic school. Catholic guilt is definitely not just an urban legend.


but I'm not sure these are real nuns.

This will be me and Mary one day on her Triumph. Maybe without the nun habits. We'll bring habits of our own!

Nuns Gone Wild: Vintage photos of sisters letting their habits down

'Oh I'm sorry, I forgot, I only exist when it's convenient for you.'

Funny Farewell Ecard: 'Oh I'm sorry, I forgot, I only exist when it's convenient for you.

Uncle Buck.

Moley Russell's wart from the movie, "Uncle Buck" with John Candy

Maus hábitos

Here are 25 Vintage Pictures of Nuns Having Fun from the and

I love Rock and Metal, and I find this hilarious. Guide to different Metalhead stereotypes.

Guide to different Metalhead stereotypes.

Funny humor Guide to different Metalhead stereotypes.