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Haha thinking about it Zach looks a lot like Jacob Sartorius

Zach was both before Jacob sartorious so that make Jacob Zach heron cuz Zach is the OG

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Rayne wimpy, slightly rebellious, blind date idea with purple hair girl and mated too pony tail.

Ariel Hirsch (born June 18, 1985) is Alex Hirsch's twin sister and the inspiration for Mabel Pines. She guest-starred in the episode "Boyz Crazy" as one of Pacifica's friends, the one with fuchsia-colored hair. She was obsessed with Nsync's Lance Bass as a child, which is why Alex Hirsch asked him to voice several of the members of Sev'ral Timez. Ariel Hirsch has an account on the Gravity Falls Wiki by the username of "Arielismabel". Ariel Hirsch on Tumblr, Ariel Hirsch on Twitter

Ariel Hirsch

Awesome 10 Best Hipster Hairstyles for Men 2014

10 Best Hipster Hairstyles for Men 2016

Today’s focus is on long hairstyles for men. With the hipster hair and man bun trends, a lot of men are growing their hair out on top to gain extra volume, flow and movement with their styles.

Medium Curly Haircuts For Men

With curly men hairstyles you looks cute, but if you want to new and serious look, these 35 Cool Curly Hairstyles for Men, may help you for getting an idea. Vogue and trends changing day by day, an…


luke's lip ring and michael's pink hair and poor Calum hadrosaur there! But don't worry Ashton! My friend loves you sooo much! Sorry Grace but its true!