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Teens try to balance high school with daily dance classes and auditions, in order to prove that they have what it takes to become a professional dancer.

Maurice Sendak

Maurice Bernard Sendak (June 1928 – May was an American writer and illustrator of children's literature. He is best known for his book Where the Wild Things Are, first published in


3 New Documentaries That Will Change The Way We Look At Health

Nine for IX -- 'Branded'

Nine for IX -- Film summary and director for 'Branded'

Nine for IX - espnW: "Branded" Can women athletes be equal to men? often branded as either sex pots or unattractice entirely

Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche

Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche

Watch Funky Cops online

Watch Funky Cops online

The Graduate -- my favorite movie of all time

Katharine Ross and Dustin Hoffman in ‘The Graduate’ (Mike Nichols,

Nine for IX -- Film summary and director for 'Venus VS.

Those before me x

Those before me x

Tom Burns, father of a princess-crazy little girl, suggests bedtime reading that will make dad and daughter happy  http://ht.ly/hew3G    It’s a sad fact, but, if you’re the parent of a young girl, at some point, there’s a better than average chance that you’ll have to deal with the creeping horror that is the princess book genre.

6 Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princesses -

6 princess books for Parents who really hate princesses


Looper - time travel with Bruce Willis

i suppose popular girls come up with the fads, I laugh so hard especially at her FACE!!

the fact that i said this mean girls quote yesterday scares me.


Actress Official Trailer directed by Robert Greene and starring Brandy Burre. Brandy Burre had a recurring role on HBO's 'The Wire' when she gave up her c.

Nine for IX -- 'Let Them Wear Towels'

Nine for IX -- Film summary and director for 'Let Them Wear Towels'

When a female journalist was sexually harassed by Patriots players in it set off a national debate about the presence of women in men's locker rooms. In this film, you'll hear stories of raw behavior and remarkable resolve.

Moth Collective: A Kiss, Deferred : ADC • Global Awards & Club

The Moth Collective: Modern Love

Critic's Picks: The Top 10 Undistributed Films of 2013 According to Indiewire's Film Critic | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awa...

Critic’s Picks: The Top 10 Undistributed Films of 2013 According to Indiewire’s Film Critic