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Credit card's about to expire

Magnets from Anne Taintor: hurry up, Charlotte! my credit cards are about to expire!

frig magnet for the friend who loves margaritas... great gift!

Anne Taintor - Magnets / and voila! margaritas for everyone!

as a matter of fact i am the f*** #queen..

I am the Queen of this ish every damn day & I'm the fuckin princess whenever i damn well wanna be!

Book a party.....we will have fun....TUPPERWARE TAMMY

{Anne Taintor} she was the life of the tupperware party

Just smack him on the nose with a newspaper.....

- Anne Taintor Postcard Magnet - she had done a fabulous job with him - Funny Retro - Great for Fridge, Thank You, Wedding Shower

Unless it means going back to 911 dispatching. Mind-numbing chores seem like a good idea...

I& take mind-numbing chores over a fulfilling career any .

Anemotion: Anne Taintor

I love vintage cards.

male refrigerator blindness claims another victim

Magnets from Anne Taintor: male refrigerator blindness claims another victim

cast iron

Photo on the Left: : "make your own damn dinner", Photo © Anne Taintor. top: "if looks could kill, women wouldn;t need frying pans", Photo © Anne Taintor.


Anne Taintor - Magnets / there's a very fine line between medicated and over-medicated