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Bone Reading Intro & Starting Guide

How To Make Incense Cones

How To Make Incense Cones [Infographic]

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Bone Reading Intro & Starting Guide — Archaic Honey

Bone Reading Intro & Starting Guide

Some of the pieces in my bone kit. Each bone and curio contains a spirit with whom I speak in order to provide answers to questions and insight into situations. Find more on this divination method and a sample reading through the link.

Throwing the bones is a unique divination method that can provide answers and insights to spiritual struggles, as well as helping you to connect more strongly with your spirit guides, ancestors, and Gods.

Bone cleaning tutorial by Wolftea!

Bone cleaning tutorial by Wolftea! I've been wondering how to clean the bones I've found lately!

The use of bones for divination, sometimes called osteomancy, has been performed by cultures the world over for thousands of years. While th...

Using Animal Bones for Divination and Magic

Many people read bones based upon patterns and proximity to one another.

Blood Moon Botanica Florida Water - I make each batch over three days around the full moon with silver, quartz and a hagstone (holed stone), it is then set in the light of the moon overnight.

Florida Water

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Make your own protection satchet, from Witchy Words.

You can customize the ingredients to suit your purpose, just research the herbs & stones you need. How to Protection Sachet. You should also charge the sachet, holding it between yourhands and charging it with your intent and purpose.