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How does homeopathy work on Lyme Disease?

Bartonella Series Therapy by DesBio. Series Therapy are powerful infection fighters packaged in ten viral kits of sequential homeopathic dilutions.

1-800 Homeopathy Mobile Ap

Homeopathic Remedy Finder lets you find and buy remedies wherever you go. Navigate the Remedy Finder from broad symptoms down to more specific symptoms and modalities and find the remedy that's right for you.

Homeopathy for Health

Homeopathy for Health

Homeopathy Basics for Ageing Adults (...the Age Gifted) - YouTube

During this video, you will learn homeopathy basics and philosophy, as well as why this natural system of medicine is safe, non-toxic, and free of side effec.

Find and Rate Detoxification Methods for Lyme Disease - Tired of Lyme l Lyme Disease Support & Consolation

Detoxing is an essential part of fighting Lyme Disease and achieving relief from a herx. Many people just think about what antibiotics to take and let the body do the rest from there but killing the bacteria is only half the job.

In this blog I address how to decide when to continue trying a remedy in acute cases and when the remedy should be abandoned for another. I also offer a helpful protocol for migraines.

What To Expect When Using Homeopathy: Part 1

What to Expect When Using Homeopathy: How to determine effectiveness of remedy selections.

Homeopathy Treatments To Reduce Hair Fall - YouTube

Homeopathy Treatments To Reduce Hair Fall


Dr Rajan Sankaran throws light on the scope and potential of Homoeopathy towards transforming lives of people leading them to experience health and happiness.

Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Monolaurin...nice price!  MRSA, C. dif., yeast...this substance kills yeast, fungus, bacteria, even viruses!

Inspired Nutrition's Ultimate Monolaurin is the only monolaurin containing the full range of coconut oil's legendary lauric acid's conversion into monolauri

Bartonella is Bigger than Lyme Disease and will make you CRAZY!: Cinnamon Oil Therapy eradicates Lyme Disease Bartonella Babesia

Cinnamon Oil Therapy kills Lyme Spirochetes by stopping their communication system DEAD in their TRACKS! In 65 days it is believed that.

Check out my blog post for 16 Reasons to Choose Homeopathy...perhaps you will find another good reason for making homeopathy your first choice.

Sixteen Reasons to Choose Homeopathy

George Bush Speaks BEFORE and AFTER he got Lyme disease - YouTube

Neurological symptoms of lyme disease. The White House openly admitted they kept his lyme treatment from the public while he was in office.

LymeNet Flash: Claritin cures Lyme!?&$!

Lyme Disease Network (LymeNet): a non-profit org dedicated to providing physicians, patients and researchers with current info on tick-borne illnesses

Visit  To get this great FREE PDF on addressing the flu with homeopathic remedies.

Visit To get this great FREE PDF on addressing the flu with homeopathic remedies.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s interview with Dr Jay Davidson, host The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 is one of the most interesting and encouraging Lyme disease interviews I’ve heard for a long time! He covers the Latest on Lyme Testing and Treatments. The reason it’s so encouraging is that chronic Lyme disease is notoriously difficult to test …

New testing approach for Lyme disease: ultrasound and PCR urine testing -