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Menu animation

Restaurant Menu

Coloring by Ghani Pradita


Hey dribbblers,  Some interaction on this app. Here's how menu work. This app will be available soon.  Stay Tuned.  Twitter / Behance

Menu Interaction

Dribbble - Menu Interaction by Barthelemy Chalvet (via AgenceMe)



Service card for a hired professional.

Ignite After Workout by Jeffrey de Groot for Yummygum

Ignite After Workout

Our last Dribbble shot that showed the Ignite UI was the screen you use while you’re working out and logging your results.

Hi dribbblers, I planned to finish my previous shot's comprehensive search - Compound navigation bar - Concept Animation but a little busy now, and recently worked with team @Skapa  to design some ...

Minimap system - concept animation

The Nine States of Design — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium

The Nine States of Design

Multi-Select Table Cells by Joshua Tucker

Multi-Select Table Cells (Applied to Spotify) by Joshua Tucker (Cameron Park, California)