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Tattoo by Indio Reyes, Mexico


Halloween Sleeve Finished by filthmg

Horror movie sleeve

Horror movie sleeve

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hear no see no evil see no evil portrait tattoo black and white sleeve idea. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

Classic Horror Film tattoo sleeve

Classic Horror Film tattoo sleeve N

100  Amazing Tattoo Designs 5 (5)

Okay I adore this. I want to do something like this around my butterfly tattoo.


Liz Cook Tattoo - Black and Gray

Horror movie sleeve tattoo.           Artist: Amanda Cancilla.

'Horror Movie Sleeve' by Amanda Cancilla.


Jesus Tattoo intended for Tattoo Concept

Did the first session on the Horror-themed Jason and Michael Myers Half-Sleeve for @wonpancho today at the shop.

Did the first session on the Horror-themed Jason and Michael Myers Half-Sleeve…

14 Creepy & Cool Haunted House Tattoos!

Haunted house tattoo by - artist unknown, because inked mag don't always credit the artist.

Pinterest : lostspacechild                  Instagram: lavendermistrust

Pinterest : lostspacechild Instagram: lavendermistrust

Frankenstein and his bride tattoos black and grey

Frankenstein & his bride portrait tattoos in black and grey - I love the ornate frames here x

Horror movie theme

Film Tattoos

Horror film tattoo by Dusty Neal from Black Anvil Tattoo, Fort Wayne Indiana.

I like the forced perspective allowing you to see the front yard. I also like the nightmare curl at the top

Graveyard Crow Evil Sleeve Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit