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Paul Chadeisson work

Yellow City - Ragequit by Paul Chadeisson -- Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2016

paul-chadeisson-testspeed-0156b2vcolo-zoom1.jpg (1920×1298)

paul-chadeisson-testspeed-0156b2vcolo-zoom1.jpg (1920×1298)

mirkokosmos:  by Paul Lasaine

This work by Paul Lasaine captures the metropolis on the water painted by its bright lights. Megastructures dwarf what the big city was and speak to massively centralized power.

Industrial exo planet, Paul Chadeisson on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/odXaO

Week end stuff, tryed to just use painting ( did use a piece of photo for the sand) was very good practice and realize it is often much faster to paint compare to use some photobash!

Sparth (nicolas bouvier)

by Sparth / Nicolas Bouvier. (via ArtStation - Rendez-vous., sparth - nicolas bouvier) More concept art here.