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Bayonetta, Goku and Zoroark. Bayonetta can easily take them out and Goku can get us to safety. Zoroark can do whatever. It's a Pokemon I'm happy to just have one

Dragon Ballz Meets Fairytail... eeeeeeeeee!!!!

Dbz Meets Fairy Tail

Dbz Meets Fairy Tail by raze - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Naruto Shippuden.  I had to study a part for a chapter I was writing.  Check out the story so far. : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9928492/1/The-Man-That-Disappeared

I would of been one piece, now it'd be bleach, but today it's nisekoi . I have romance anime but the humor is just too funny

Mine is: Russia locks u in a cage & throws peanuts at u cuz he thinks u owe him

Iceland pummels you because e he thinks you're forgetting him. Russia locks u in a cage and throws you peanuts because he thinks ur lonely. Switzerland locks you in a cage & throws you peanuts because he thinks you are mysterious

I dated Jellal because he forced me. Damn. He wouldn't have to force me, let me tell ya

I married Gray because he wants to sleep with me! Oh wait, Juvia is gotta get jealous. I married Gray!

Liet stabbed me with a cookie because he's friends with the monster that's under his bed.

Sweeden played videogames with me because they want to steal my candy<---Spain stabbed me with a cookie cuz he was bored. *shrugs*《Switzerland has a glow stick party with me because he wants my candy.

Ya comprendi, hay k pasar página ponerle una sonrisa al mundo i no mirar hacia atrás                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

cute Black and White anime japan kawaii school manga manicure Anime girl Gyaru shoujo shojo:

true... || anime meme You found me^ this is me summed up :D

Yeah I am re-watching haikyuu and watch yuri on ice so much times even tho I finished a long time ago