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"People think that I'm quiet because I'm shy, but really I've been silently judging them from afar and determining that they're all fucking retards." Story of my childhood.


Just a random photo from a stranger…

Funny pictures about Just a random photo from a stranger. Oh, and cool pics about Just a random photo from a stranger. Also, Just a random photo from a stranger.

the first time i saw this i wanted to pin it, but i didn't want to scroll back up to the top to hit the pin it button!

-Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Lol- <-- Just a note: people on any new laptop built can scroll down using two fingers on your pad. I doubt I even burned any calories when I scrolled. BUT THIS WAS FUN!

someone always does and it is always funny...unless it is me, which it typicaly is

In a dead silent classroom of about 30 students taking a test.my stomach: I will now demonstrate a whale's mating call