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good for a laugh!

Funny pictures about If You Happen To Think Mythology Is Boring. Oh, and cool pics about If You Happen To Think Mythology Is Boring. Also, If You Happen To Think Mythology Is Boring photos.

Lol, that's so true!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians // that's only five but we've already determined that the pjo fandom can't count

Reminds me of an epic essay my brother's friend wrote in college while on several substances and no sleep for three days . <--- I want to read this beauty you speak of !

they forgot  nico... *hugs nico* its ok nico, im sure they didnt mean to

Oh my god! I finally found some thing that said Luke was hero-he was my favorite character in the Percy Jackson series. Now I think Hazel or Leo is my fave now.

percy jackson funnies - Google Search

This is so funny. Percy saying "I speak horse and fish." That's funny, or so I think. It's actually true that he can speak horse AND fish!


"Flying bear kills two Canadians in freak accident.<<Sorry for the slight language, but it was too funny

Doctor visit...

Is it really creepy that I thought Doctor was THE Doctor from Doctor Who, until I finished reading? I was wondering what Doctor Who had to do with Rick Riordan's books.

funny pictures of annabeth and percy - Google Search

Even if I'd lose all the time I'd kill to play monopoly with the gang! Monopoly is soooo long!

I totally want to do this! XD

I can't believe that none of my friends probably realized when they pinned this that it was a lord of the rings reference.<--- truth I'm in love with lotr some people think I'm crazy but 2 of my friends are too so


I had a similar teacher who would take the book, and begin reading the page. It was really funny because a girl was reading the Lightning Theif and was a the part where Percy cut off Medusa's head. He didn't do it for a month after that

I have been wondering the same thing for a while, this is a great idea.

I can't believe this is an actual post. I've honestly thought of this before. That and how embarrassing it would be to turn into a zombie while on the toilet < same omg looool. I need to get my braces off before this apocalypse

There's nothing that's not perfect with this

I was given the opportunity once to deliver a similar line to a random creep. With my deadpan, "I am not even remotely joking" expression, it worked very well indeed<<you are my hero