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Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig

Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig we for sure would be friendz love these too hilarious!

Lisa Kudrow & Jennifer Aniston in "Got Milk" Ad

Friends costars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston were featured together, with Jennifer sporting her iconic "Rachel" hairdo and a very babydoll tee.

SNL Lawrence Welk Show. Baby hands. Funniest skit of my life.

Dooneese - "I hit a turkey with a shovel then I came inside and put a turkey on a toilet and it died on the toilet now there’s feathers in the toilet and I sleep under a turned-over wagon is that bad doo dooo dooo dooo…" BEST SNL SKIT EVER.

Monica Geller Style Girls Sweater. Just over a week ago we launched a replica of Rachel Green’s ‘Girls’ baseball tee. This week we’re pleased to announce the arrival of its twin! A replica of the 'Girls’ sweater worn by Monica Geller in Friends is now available at Zealo YAAAAAAAS

Monica's Girls Sweater

Varsity baseball style Girls sweatshirt, replica of the one worn by the character Monica Geller on Friends.

19 Of Phoebe Buffay’s Best Lines On “Friends”…:

19 Of Phoebe Buffay’s Best Lines On “Friends”… ~ Mila find a board for this inspirational message, maybe "Spiritual"?

"Friends" in 1994. Ugh. How great would it be to have a signed copy of this?

History - In the sitcoms started to change how people watched TV. It also changed how people dressed because they wanted to be like the people that they were watching.


"Friends" TV show, i have the whole series on Dvd, i watch it when I'm home sick or have a day off. It always makes me laugh.


After Ross cheats on Rachel. He sends a request to a radio station to play her a special song. As Rachel listens, she calls the radio station and tells the DJ what Ross did and the Lady DJ cuts the song off and reprimands Ross for his behavior.